September 2022

E-Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 6


In talks with Mr. Vinay Gupta, CEO, Gencrest

Gencrest, which is part of the Samta group of companies. Gencrest is a fully integrated research and innovation-driven biotech company more

Farmers should come out with value-added

The Minister called upon farmers to give priority to growing millets, as the United Nations has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets. more

Government to launch a scheme soon to reduce chemical fertiliser use

The scheme will incentivise those states that use lesser amounts of chemical fertilisers in a particular year as compared with the average quantity more

Why millets are better than rice, wheat or your

Not for nothing are millets being called the next superfoods. Experts break down what makes them the perfect recipe for future-proofing our lives more

Food Ministry canteens to have millets on menu

The Union Food Ministry has directed its official canteens and meetings to serve millets in order to promote their consumption, more

How to Make Neem Insecticide at Home for Your Organic

Nurturing plants comes with its fair share of pesky insects that attack your plant. Before you realise it, these insects devour the plant leaving it for dead more

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