August 2022

E-Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4


In talks with Sreejith Moolayil, COO & Co-Founder

True Elements is India's first brand to be globally recognized as CLEAN LABEL & 100% WHOLEGRAIN certified. Their assortment spreads over 17 categories, 70+ products ranging from Oats, Granola... more

In talks with Shubhangi Singh, Founder - Ancient

Ancient Golden Mill is an innovative millet-based processor & manufacturer which provides about 60+ healthy alternatives which are gluten-free, 100% natural & made with no added preservatives... more

In talks with Jabir, Founder and CEO

A couple of old friends who love food and love life who got together to make the tastes they love available to everyone. They believe nature has given everything we need to be happy and healthy... more

In talks with Sushant Kalra, Founder at Samasta

Samasta Foods have a well-established team of expert technicians, recipe scientists, food technologists, quality control managers, marketers, and people of mutual niche to help in their goal... more

In talks with Ranajay Chakraborty, Manager

Native Food Store is launching a healthy Millet based ready to eat range. Our RTE range is ambient in nature enabling consumers to save time where they can just heat and eat their healthy food... more

Natural & chemical free farming to give strength

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said natural and chemical-free farming can boost the country's efforts more

Homemakers-turned-farmers from Kerala

The four of them were like how homemakers usually are -- with the kitchen as their world. But the deluge more

Organic Food Market Expected to Surpass $2.6

"Organic farming practices provide farmers with higher quality and quantity products that can be sold at a premium." more

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