August 2022

E-Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 3


In talks with Dr. B Dayakar Rao, Principal

Q: Why is Millet emerging as one of the most important food sources worldwide?
A: Millets are termed as nutricereals more

BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2022: buoyant reunion

Over a four-day period from 26–29 July 2022, all the passion of the international organic community was on display more

Natural option: Organic, natural farming not only

CSE recently consolidated long-term evidence on holistic benefits of organic and natural farming; here’s what more

In talks with Saandiip Jaiin, Founder of Susy

QWhat motivated you to step into the health food business?
A: Real motivation came when more

Millet: The super food for combating food and

Urging the world to focus on the overall advantages of growing and consuming the climate-resilient crop 'Millet', more

Why consumers shifting towards organic food

While on the path to eating clean, consumers are also concerned about the environmental impact of processed more

Center targets bringing more area under organic

The Government is planning to bring 6.5 lakh hectares of land under organic farming in the country more

Government to launch cow-based natural

In Bundelkhand, the government will spend ₹68 crores on promoting, encouraging, and training more

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