Revolutionizing Organic Produce Storage – QUICKLOCK MINI

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We proudly assert that our packaging & storage product stands out as a prime example of innovative solution within the organic industry. The underlying technology behind our solution distinguishes us and aligns perfectly with the unique storage & packaging category. Here's why:

➔ Effective and innovative storage solution: Our packaging & storage technology offers a breakthrough solution for the last-mile storage of organic produce. We've identified a gap in the market and ingeniously addressed it through our packaging, ensuring that organic goods remain fresh and wholesome until they reach the consumer's plate.

➔ Solving a common consumer problem: One of the most prevalent challenges faced by consumers of organic food is storage. Our product directly tackles this issue, providing consumers with a convenient and efficient means to preserve the quality of their organic purchases without compromise.

➔ Seamless machine-level vacuum pressure: Our technology employs a simple yet highly effective method of machine-level vacuum pressure for storing food. This innovation not only ensures optimal freshness but also empowers consumers with an easy-to-use solution that requires minimal effort.

➔ Disrupting downstream supply chain: We are proud to be at the forefront of change within the organic food industry. Our packaging solution is already causing ripples of transformation throughout the supply chain. It is streamlining storage maintaining the quality of organic produce, and reshaping how consumers perceive and experience organic products.

About Sparokonix

Sparkonix (India) Private Limited (‘Sparkonix’) is a 50-year-old engineering company, primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling electric discharge machines (EDMs) and various steel plant workshop machinery.

In 2023, Sparkonix ventured into manufacturing of “reusable & manual vacuum storage containers” business under “VACULOC” brand with the goal to democratize the high vacuum storage for consumers, farmers, traders and other stakeholders across food supply chain.

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