Rediscovering Heirloom Wisdom in Organic Basmati Rice: Tradition re-imagined

Product: Organic Basmati Rice
Company: Pratithi Organic Foods Pvt Ltd
Booth no: C13
Contact Person: Tapan Ray
Contact no: +91 88003 55110
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How our Organic Basmati Rice embodies the very essence of this trend?

Our Organic Basmati Rice is not just a product it's a gateway to the oldest traditional variety in the world. We've harnessed the wisdom of the ancients and nurtured a rice variety that's a testament to our heritage, ensuring its preservation for generations to come.

➔ Regenerative Cultivation: In a world seeking sustainable solutions, our rice stands as a beacon of regenerative cultivation. Following the ROC standard from the USA, we cultivate our rice regeneratively, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the land that nurtures it.

➔ Fairtrade Principles: Beyond cultivation, our commitment extends to fair practices. With certification from FLO-Cert in Germany, we uphold Fairtrade principles, ensuring that every grain carries the weight of ethical production and commerce.

➔ Climate-Friendly Approach: Unlike conventional methods, our rice is grown in the most environmentally conscious manner. Our practices reduce water consumption by up to 60%, championing water conservation as a top priority.

➔ Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The battle against methane and greenhouse gas emissions is one we take to heart. Through our meticulous cultivation practices, we've achieved a significant reduction in these emissions, contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

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