A fusion of heritage and innovation

Company: Himalayan Bio-Organic Foods Ltd (A Unit of Sarveshwar Group)
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Why Nimbark Organic Saffron is a prime example of the trend?

The 'Traditional Reimagined' trend celebrates the fusion of heritage and innovation, making Nimbark Organic Saffron a prime example.

Purity in Organic Farming: Our organic saffron, cultivated using purely organic farming methods, transcends boundaries. Sourced from our own projects in the saffron-rich fields of Kashmir from Pampore Town in Kashmir's Pulwama district, it's a product of dedication and authenticity that is marketed and sold globally. By preserving traditional components, we're honoring the saffron's heritage and purity.

Empowering Farmers and Consumers: Our practice of directly procuring saffron from local farmers not only supports their livelihoods but also guarantees authenticity to our health-conscious consumers. This direct link ensures a seamless chain of trust and quality.

Sustainable Farming for a Greener Future: As the demand for ecologically friendly products rises, our commitment to organic farming gains prominence. Through training, we empower farmers in sustainable practices that not only enhance the quality of our saffron but also contribute to a healthier habitat.

Synthetic-Free Excellence: Nimbark Organic stands strong against synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. By adopting organic agricultural practices, we improve saffron quality and safeguard the environment.

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