Product: Handmade Soaps, Stone & Wood Pressed Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Vermicompost, Organic Potting Mix, Organic Foliar Spray, Organic Moringa & Henna Powder - Greenvision Eco Organics
Company: Navik Organic Product
Booth no: F-24, Hall 1
Contact Person: Latha Abiruben
Contact no: 9894062287
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Navik seamlessly integrates marketing innovation with conscious choices

In the trend 'Marketing Innovation,' we've raised the bar with creative strategies that align seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability and authenticity.

➔ Eco-Friendly Packaging: We pack our exquisite handmade soaps using drawstring cloth pouches keeping in my sustainable practices. The pouch is bio degradable and also reusable.

➔ Innovative Eco Gift Hampers: We use an innovative technique of Eco gift hampers to market our handmade products. We use small coordinated boxes / rigid boxes. We fill them with brown shredded paper and the arrange all our Eco-friendly products inside in various assortments to suit various budgets. These are sold to corporates as Corporate Eco gifts for Deepavali, Christmas etc. and for special events. Also, various households, buy these boxes for use as return gifts for weddings, birth days, get together, special events etc.

➔ Thursday Eco Market: Every week we organize Thursday Eco Market - here we sell our fresh organic vegetables and fruits from our organic farm and also our organic gardening and wellness and personal care products. People now look forward to come to our weekly shop to get our authentic fresh goods.

Meet us at the 15th edition of BIOFACH INDIA co-located with NATURAL EXPO INDIA and MILLETS INDIA from 6 – 8 September, 2023 at IEML, Greater Noida.