Product: LINK SAMAHAN (Instant Ayurvedic care for cold and catarrh related symptoms)
Company: Link Natural Products, Sri Lanka
Booth no: I4
Contact Person: Chathurangi Perera
Contact no: 94707295082
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Ayurveda, an ancient healing science, holds its place as one of the world's oldest holistic practices. Drawing from this rich tradition, numerous Ayurvedic herbs have gained modern recognition for their exceptional abilities to enhance health and well-being. Link Samahan, 100% natural instant ayurvedic cold remedy, that seamlessly weaves together age-old wisdom with contemporary convenience.

Formulated with utmost care, Link Samahan features 14 revered medicinal herbs deeply rooted in Ayurveda's legacy. These herbs have been cherished for millennia for their profound effectiveness in addressing symptoms associated with catarrh and the common cold.

The modernity of Link Samahan's formulation is exemplified by its array of innovative features. The soluble crystalline granules ensure effortless preparation, unique formulation heightened absorption capabilities & guarantee quick results. The unique recipe with pleasant taste and soothing aroma exceeds the expectation of modern consumers. All these bunch of benefits bundled within a mere 4g sachet ensure utmost convenience in carrying.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Link Samahan has earned the trust of millions of discerning consumers in more than 35 countries across 5 continents.

Link Samahan provides fast relief for cold symptoms and it’s clinically proven* that daily use reduces the incidence and severity of 15 upper respiratory symptoms associated with colds and catarrh.

The daily use of Link Samahan helps not only prevent the onset of these symptoms but also strengthens your overall well-being through enhanced immunity.

Experience the harmony of tradition and innovation with Link Samahan - a bridge between ancient ingredients, time-tested remedies, and the evolving preferences of modern consumers.

* Ceylon Medical Journal 2012; 57: 19-32

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