Empowering Farmers, Elevating Quality: Fortune Rice

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Contact Person: Suraj /Jai Kumar Gupta
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What is our role in creating a social impact?

Fortune Rice isn't just rice; it's a tribute to progress, a testament to partnership with our farmers, and a celebration of quality. Together, we are sowing the seeds of positive change, one grain at a time!

Imagine a product that transcends its delicious taste and nourishing benefits, one that's deeply rooted in a commitment to social impact. Introducing Fortune Rice, where every grain carries the weight of empowerment and progress.

We proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with more than 3000 dedicated farmers, embracing the ethos of collaboration and growth. Through our robust partnership, we are transforming their lives and livelihoods. We don't just stop at the fields; we are invested in their journey to success. Our approach extends far beyond traditional norms:

1. Holistic Support System: We provide our farmers with cutting-edge resources, from the latest irrigation technology to premium-quality pesticides. With drones taking flight to ensure precise pesticide application, we are combining innovation with tradition for a healthier harvest

2. Quality First: Our unwavering commitment to quality aligns perfectly with global markets. Our team of over 20 experts serves as guides, ensuring every step of the cultivation journey adheres to the stringent quality standards demanded by the EU and U.S markets

3. Empowering Growth: We are not just cultivating rice - we are nurturing dreams. By fostering good agricultural practices, we empower our farmers to cultivate basmati rice that's not only exceptional in taste but also export-ready, commanding admiration in markets around the world

About the Company: Fortune Rice Limited stands as a pioneer in rice exports, particularly to the discerning EU markets. What truly sets us apart is our unbreakable bond with our farming community. We take pride in being the sole entity in the rice sector deeply intertwined with the lives of so many farmers. Our mission is clear: to uplift, to enhance, and to make a meaningful difference.

Visit us at our booth: D-07 at BIOFACH INDIA co-located with NATURAL EXPO INDIA and MILLETS INDIA.