Product: Organic Wellness Arhar Dal
Company: Organic Wellness
Booth no: E13
Contact Person: Krishan Guptaa
Contact no: 9599215227
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Our Arhar Dal is not just nourishment for the body, it's a catalyst for change!

➔ Arhar Dal and Empowering Village Women: Made in the fields of Bundelkhand, we've harnessed the power of hand-chakkis, empowering village women with an income of Rs. 12/kg. With this product women have avenues to earn Rs. 240/day, fostering prosperity in remote areas.

➔ Authenticity through Desi Seeds: Our dals are not just dals; they are authentic expressions of tradition. Cultivated from desi seeds, they provide end consumers with an unadulterated taste of heritage and quality.

➔ A Win-Win-Win Business Model: Our approach is not just about profits; it's about creating a triumphant circle of benefit. From the nurturing mother Earth to the discerning end consumer, our unique business model ensures that everyone wins.

➔ Localized Prosperity: Our factory, nestled in the remote village of Babai across 2.78 acres of land, is not just an industrial space; it's a hub of livelihoods for the local youth and a cornerstone of support for local farmers.

Meet us at the 15th edition of BIOFACH INDIA co-located with NATURAL EXPO INDIA and MILLETS INDIA from 6 – 8 September, 2023 at IEML, Greater Noida.