Product: 9GRAMS Chilla Mixes
Company: 9GRAMS (Arjava Nutrition Private Limited)
Booth no: K3
Contact Person: Priyamvada Khanna
Contact no: 9910488863
Email id:

How 9GRAMS merges the wisdom of the past with the demands of present, fitting perfectly in this trend?

➔ Sprouted Millet Chilla Mix: Our "Sprouted Millet Chilla Mix" is a shining example of tradition reimagined for today's health-conscious yet time-pressed consumers. Millets, revered for generations, find a new allure in this innovative product.

➔ Variants for Effortless Cooking: With three variants crafted from soaked, sprouted, and sundried millets, cooking becomes a breeze for anyone, from the young to the young at heart. No more time-consuming processes – just the simplicity of nourishing meals.

➔ Convenience Without Compromise: This product embodies convenience without compromise. Free from sugar, maida, preservatives, and artificial flavors, it caters to modern dietary concerns while honoring the essence of traditional nutrition.

➔ Versatile and Inclusive: With three variants - 1 millet, 4 millets, and 10 millets - along with the goodness of carrot, beetroot, and spinach, it caters to a wide range of tastes and ages. From kids to seniors, everyone finds delight in its palate-friendly charm.

➔ Ready-to-Cook Brilliance: No masalas, no condiments – just add water and curd, and you're ready to create dosas, cheelas, appams, or uttapams. This is tradition effortlessly reimagined for the modern kitchen

➔ Preserving Heritage, One Bite at a Time: Our Sprouted Millet Chilla Mix encapsulates the essence of traditional millets while appealing to the discerning tastes of today's consumers. It's not just a meal; it's a journey through time.

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